Board Game Innovation is now Meeple Life

Board Game Innovation is now Meeple Life

Meeple Life L.L.C. has agreed to purchase Board Game Innovation.

Meeple Life will continue to provide Board Game Accessories of the same attention to detail, precision, and innovation you have grown to expect. Additionally, we will be expanding our product offerings to include decorative, crafts, stickers, and clothing to help you be proud of your meeple life.

As we began to explore the final months of Board Game Innovation, it would appear that they stopped shipments around the end of February, 2022. However, they kept the website up and continued to receive orders and payments which were never fulfilled. We have done everything we can to reconstruct whose orders were processed, refunded, or left holding the bag. Unfortunately, we do not have access to any relevant financial or order fulfillment data. The registered owner of the now defunct BGI has been unable or unwilling to provide this needed information. We still hold out hope that it will be provided, but we have consulted our attorney to see what options we may have.

In the interim, if you have an outstanding order with BGI that was paid for and not refunded or delivered, our only suggestions would be to contact your credit card company and dispute the charge, file a lawsuit in small claims court or perhaps contacting your local attorney general. We will be more than happy to provide whatever information we might have acquired to bolster your claim. Send your detailed request to

We are in the process of rebuilding an online presence. If you want to know when it is open for business sign up for our newsletter at

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